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“Coincidences in an artificially created environment.”

Roothless is a site specific work in which the audience has a direct effect on the outcome of the installation. Max/Mei created a scene with a set of possibilities and unfixed expectations. Exploring the crossover between artificially created and naturally grown. They’re currently interested in “art within the age of the anthropocene”, observations of influence and interaction between humans and nature.

In depth:
The work derived from a change of scenery.
Originally from Amsterdam, the artist duo moved home base last spring.
Observing NYC culture as outsiders the concrete sidewalks caught their attention. Ruthlessly poured slabs of concrete, including pre-occupied breaking patterns to prevent natural processes to cause damage. As time passes and nature transforms the sidewalks, an exchange starts taking place between nature and culture. An interaction between controle and coincidence. As makers the experience of rootlessness in urban life triggered them to create an installation exploring the phenomenon in a more exaggerated manner.Nature as both the destroyer and the destroyed.


Concrete, ceramics, plaster,
urethane rubber, textiles and pigments.
36 x 61 cm
76 x 92 cm
26 x 26 cm
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