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Ceramics, glaze, pigments, linen, scoby [symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast], turmeric and welding wire.
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n 'Assemble Expectations’ we explore the boundary between our role as a maker and the work itself as a living material.

Prior to showing the work in Amsterdam. We have specifically created for SALON2060 in Antwerp. Where it was on display for the whole month of November.

'Assemble Expectations' was continuously visible as a showcase from the street. We have used this specific property of the gallery space as a platform to create a work that will transform itself during the month of display. The space has been carefully arranged by the use of our handmade ceramic sculptures and textiles.
Natural processes used such as fermentation, oxidation and
discolouration introduce a controlled randomness influencing the origination of new material and new content.
The installation is a set of possibilities, where the interaction between the created objects will initiate changes.

With this project we are aiming to explore the boundary’s between our role as makers and the evolution of a work; the area between control and coincidence. We see the material that will accumulate within this project as a source of works to come. As a single chain in a longer chain reaction.

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